• McKinley Wade - Class of 2014
  • Emily Teague - Class of 2013
  • Lyndsey Lafitte - Class of 2014
  • Sara Holland - Class of 2013
  • Katherine Farmer - Class of 2014
  • Hannah Gantt - Class of 2015
  • Natasha Perez - Krause - Class of 2018
  • Emma Becker - Class of 2017

Lamar Women’s Lacrosse has a tradition of excellence.  Several Lamar Women’s Lacrosse players have gone on to play college lacrosse, including the girls below:

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Hannah Gantt thumbnail  Hannah Gantt, Class of 2015, playing at The Ohio State University

Katherine Farmer   Katherine Farmer, Class of 2014, playing at Rhodes College

Lyndsey Lafitte   Lyndsey Lafitte, Class of 2014, playing at Northwestern University

McKinley Wade   McKinley Wade, Class of 2014, playing at College of William and Mary

Sarah Holland   Sarah Holland, Class of 2013, playing at Washington & Lee University

Emily Teague   Emily Teague, Class of 2013, playing at Rhodes College


Emma Becker, Class of 2017, playing at University of Colorado – Colorado Springs.



Natasha Perez – Krause, Class of 2018, playing at Southwestern University